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Tube Making Processes
Product Range
ISMT is one of the largest and most diversified manufacturers of specialized seamless tubes in the world, producing tubes varying in outside diameter from 1/4 inches to 11 inches (6mm to 273mm). Our tubes are used in a variety of applications such as the manufacturing of auto-components, bearing races, OCTG products, drill rods, boilers, heat-exchangers, etc.

Using finished tubes, we manufacture a number of value-added products such as cold-rolled and machined rings for bearings, cages for constant velocity joints (CV cages), swaged and machined axles for trucks, steering columns, gear blanks, and ready-to-hone tubes for hydraulic cylinders.

Tube Size Range

Hot Finished Seamless Tubes Ranges

Cold Finished Seamless Tubes Ranges

Value Added Products

Linear Bearing Sleeves
Multi-track sleeves for linear bearings
  Automotive Starter Gears
Starter gears for automobiles
Automotive Spindle Axles
Spindle axles for automobiles
  CV Joint Cages
Cages for constant velocity joints
OCTG Couplings
OCTG couplings (API monogrammed)
  Shaped Seamless Tubes
Shaped tubes
Bearing Races
Bearing races
  Drill Rods & Drill Tubes
Drill rods & drill tubes